Updated on September 14, 2021 - Added new Tabletopia games and links

Tabletopia isn't a game, it's a platform for games, which is even more important during these times of social separation. Much like other online multiplayer games, it looks to offer players the ability to share these experiences with their friends, and there is no gaming genre which is being left neglected more than board games.

Tabletopia offers hundreds - and I really do mean hundreds - of board games for you to play by yourself or with friends. This is exactly why you'll find this list of best Tabletopia games helpful! You will find familiar brands and franchises like Resident Evil, in addition to hundreds of popular board games you might not have even heard of unless you're a die-hard board game fan.

Pick some of the best Tabletopia games to start with!

But with so much choice comes choice paralysis. Booting up Tabletopia meets you with too much selection, too many options, many of which will take you an hour just to try out and get a good feel for. Which is why you should skip choosing from hundreds, as we've narrowed it down to just seven.

You are sure to find a board game that appeals to you in this list, and we've only listed some of the most celebrated and highly-rated games of all time, according to the community on BoardGameGeek. So take a look below, pick out your favourite, and give it a try with a few friends.

Tabletopia's subscription model is shockingly cheap for the content it offers, and a Gold account that allows you to invite guests to games will ensure you and your friends have hours of fun ahead. The big blue button below will lead you into the world of the best Tabletopia games you can play in the present time!

Original list by Dave Aubrey, edited Pocket Gamer Staff.