Tales of Crestoria was first unveiled last year with a trailer that showed off some impressive visuals alongside the battle system the game would use. It was also revealed that an English-language version of the game was also in the works and now we have more details on how that's developing.

In a recent statement released on the Tales of Crestoria English Twitter account from Tomomi Tagawa, Producer of the game, it was revealed that it would be launching in June 2020. They didn't provide a more specific date than that and added this could potentially change. Regardless it's definitely more than we knew previously and it's not too far away either.

Tales of Crestoria will be the first in the history of the Tales games to be released worldwide simultaneously. Therefore Bandai has decided it will also hold an open beta test of the English version. This is set to take place in early May, so we can expect more details on how people can get involved in that soon.

They also detailed a few extra bits of information such as the English-language version will keep the Japanese voice acting whilst the subtitles and other pieces of text have been localised to English. They also added that a theme song and promotional video would be released this Sunday, 26th April.

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If you missed out on the announcement of Tales of Crestoria, it's set to be a turn-based RPG where battles will focus predominately on special abilities known as Mystical Artes. You can check out some of the gameplay in the video above, which features some pretty impressive looking visuals for mobile. 

Tales of Crestoria will be heading to the App Store and Google Play sometime in June of this year. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can check out the official website for more details. 

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