Latest Tales of Crestoria trailer highlights the game's intense battle system

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Latest Tales of Crestoria trailer highlights the game's intense battle system
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Tales of Crestoria is a mobile-bound JRPG and the latest entry in the beloved ‘Tales’ series. As first reported by Kongbakpao, Bandai Namco has now released an intriguing gameplay trailer which highlights the game’s battle mechanics. It focuses primarily on the special abilities known as ‘Mystic Artes’. Thanks to the trailer, we now know that each party member has their own Mystic Arte to utilise in battle.

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The game’s official Twitter account recently released some more info on the various Artes. Orwin Granberg has ‘Lost Infinity’, Yuna Azetta conjures up a ‘Serpentine Storm’, Aegis Alver is a master of the ‘Ending Pierce’, Vicious knows the way of the ‘Persecution Complex’, Misella makes quick work of her enemies using ‘Primrose Rondo’, and Kanata Hjuger’s ‘Cursed Bladeshadow’ sounds as cool as it is deadly.

The game in general is visually impressive, though the real highlights are the slick animations and explosive special moves. It was previously confirmed that Bandai Namco is working to make the game available in English, though no western release date has yet been set. We also know that it’s going to be a free-to-play title, likely featuring plenty of IAPs. Look for it on the App Store and Google Play at (perhaps) some point later this year.

And if you’d like to stay up to date on the latest Tales of Crestoria news, you could always follow the game’s official Twitter account, check out its Facebook page, or visit its official site.

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