Mass for the Dead is the latest anime gacha experience to hit mobile from Crunchyroll Games, and this one is based on the successful isekai series Overlord. The world of Overlord takes place within an MMO over 100 years in the future, where you can entirely experience another life, complete with every physical sensation replicated perfectly, but in a fantasy world.

Well, the mobile game isn't quite that, but it does a good of bringing you into the world of Overlord if you're a fan. If you're not, well, you might want to get into a different anime gacha game, honestly…

But if you've just downloaded the game and you want to know how to make some quick progress so you can show off to your weak friends, we've got the tips for you.

Follow the advice in this guide and you'll quickly clear through missions, achievements, challenges, and more so you can power up and progress as fast as possible.