With Sky: Children of the Light having finally made its way to Android, it's now time to move on to the newest adventure season, known as the Season of Enchantment. This nine-week event follows a group of spirits from a desolate, though with this being Sky, still rather beautiful land.

Your goal is to travel to the Golden Wasteland realm and unravel the devastation that has impacted this particular group of friendly spirits. You'll embark on a series of small expeditions to discover the power behind six different light sources spread across the wasteland.

With the new season comes a fresh set of collectables. Here's everything up for grabs:

  • Six expressions
  • Six hairstyles
  • Four capes
  • Four masks
  • One music sheet
  • New seasonal pendant
  • Two ultimate gifts

Once you've managed to befriend a spirit, you'll be able to see what collectables they have to offer by tapping on their star in the constellation menu. This can be unlocked using seasonal candles or hearts. You can find the full updates notes, including info on the Adventure Pass, over on the game's official site.

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And if you're yet to give Sky a go, perhaps Dann's glowing review of the iOS version from launch will win you over. He called it "a beautiful experience which delivers much more than a standard 3D platformer through a fully realised multiplayer system", before awarding it an impressive Gold Rating.

Sky: Children of the Light is available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play. It's also set to launch for Nintendo Switch later this year.

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