Valentine's Day is coming up, and it will be a hell of an experience for everyone. Whether you've got a loved one nearby, or you just wish you did, it will be a rollercoaster of emotions. And I have some bad news for you: if you're going to be by yourself, this isn't the list for you. Brutal, I know, but them's the breaks.

This is the definitive list for you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, partner, crush, or even just a friend. Download these games on your phones, and expect a wonderful bonding experience come Valentine's Day, and then you can enjoy a different bunch of games when the sun goes down. These games are great for having fun and bonding with your significant other, regardless of your gaming ability, and will form some happy memories for you going forward.

Love is love, and whoever you love this Valentine's Day is sure to appreciate the gesture of spending time together. But also maybe get them a gift and a nice dinner or something, don't just rely on games. I've made that mistake before.

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