Updated: Original list by Dave Aubrey, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on December 11th, 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays one and all, it is that most magical time of the year where we are forced to hang out with family members and swap stories around the dinner table. For some, this is a wonderful time, while for others, it makes us want to bury our heads under the sand. Or snow. Whatever analogy works best.

When you've got a whole bunch of potentially inebriated family members running around the house at Christmas, you need two things: the first is something to distract yourself from the chaos, and the other is something to distract your family members when they attempt to talk to you.

Thus we turn to video games, and if you have a Nintendo Switch, or received one for Christmas, then these are the definitive games you need to pull out on Christmas day. These will either mentally remove you from your surroundings enough to survive, or will prove to be enough of a distraction to stop those family members from causing chaos on the big day.

If you haven't got these essential Nintendo Switch games yet, now is the time…