Little Misfortune is the latest game from Fran Bow developer Killmonday Games. It's an outwardly sweet, even charming adventure game, where you play as a little girl led into a forest by an unsettling voice in her head. Not so cute now, eh?

Misfortune's home life doesn't appear to be particularly healthy, though her naïve nature and imagination keep her upbeat and enthusiastic regardless of the situation. Mr. Voice, as it's known, ropes Misfortune into a dangerous game where the prize is eternal happiness, which she decides to seek out for her mother.

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The game first launched on Steam back in September of last year, where it earned itself some very positive user reviews. That said, critic reviews appear to be a little more mixed, with the game averaging a 57 on Metacritic.

Its art style is certainly very appealing, and I'm interested to see how it balances its tone and navigates what could be tricky thematic territory. The team's last game, Fran Bow, was similarly dark, with it focusing on a young girl with severe mental health issues. Much like Little Misfortune, it blended the fantastical with some challenging real-world topics.

If you want to get a sense of Little Misfortune's strange tone, all you really need to do is read its official feature list:

  • You may pet a doggy, a fishy, a wolfie, the Kraken, the kitty and the foxy.
  • Visit a pet cemetery with a shovel.
  • Now with real human voices: Hear Misfortune say some pretty cute things!
  • Missing children.
  • There's a monster!
  • Commit petty crimes.

There's currently a demo for the game up on Google Play, though it's apparently quite brief. Regardless, it should give you a decent idea of what the game's about and how it plays. No release date has yet been announced for the mobile version, but in the meantime, you can follow the game's Twitter account or make a trip to its official site for more info.

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