Death Stranding is all the rage right now. After a divisive, but mostly positive, series of critical reviews last week, now people all over the world can finally immerse themselves in Hideo Kojima's new "social strand" system. Except for us on mobile, we're left out.

Or are we? For I have put together a complete list of games that are like Death Stranding. Kind of. Well, the thing is, I haven't played Death Stranding. Yeah, I know, Sony hasn't reached out to I, Dave, the Pocket Gamer guy. Offensive. Well to be fair Death Stranding is hardly a portable game, but if Sony wants me to write about playing it on Vita through remote play… Sony, are you reading this? My email is in my author bio.

So, keeping in mind the fact that I've not played Death Stranding, and that I know very little about it despite sitting through a feature-length trailer playlist, I've decided to offer up a few games which, in some way, have elements of Death Stranding to them. If you try to multitask and play them all at once, you'll essentially have the Death Stranding experience. Just swap through the apps really quickly.


In Death Stranding, you do a lot of walking, and I'm not really sure where to. While playing Journey for the first time, that's exactly what you will be feeling deep inside.

You will be wandering across blood-tinted deserts, viewing marvelous vistas, watching awe-inspiring structures unveil themselves before your eyes.

What your goal is is actually a bit of a mystery until you near completion, and once again, that's exactly what I think while witnessing Death Stranding trailers. Heck, a spoiler-free review didn't even help, despite being an hour long. But Journey is probably similar. I think.