Convict Games has announced that it'll be donating 50% of net income from STONE until January 3rd to help save koalas from the roaring Australian bushfires. The donation will go directly to WWF AU.

"Our Aussie stoner noir, STONE features Aussie nature as a metaphor, but to also highlight Australia's amazing nature. We're devastated so much is under threat and damaged today through climate change, and we want to give back with fellow gamers. Please join us and help save koalas."

Harry reviewed this one earlier in the year, saying "STONE is an adventure that plays at its own pace, and if you're looking for something slow, thoughtful, and funny, you're going to love it", before awarding it a silver rating.

It tells the tale of a pot-smoking koala bear detective, who, after a rough night of partying, struggles to remember the events of the previous evening which led to his friend Alex's disappearance.

It's a laidback adventure game with a stellar soundtrack and personality to spare. You'll trek through a world of sleazy bars, clubs, theatres, and anthropomorphic animals on your quest to reunite with Alex. Along the way, you'll meet many oddball characters and have the option to take a "hard-ass" or "soft-touch" approach to interrogations.

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Developer Convict Games is partly composed of artists, developers, and coders with experience working on titles such as Remedy's Control and Quantum Break. Other members of the team have a background in cinema, with credits on blockbusters like Prometheus and Sucker Punch.

If you missed out on STONE when it first launched for iOS, you'll find it available for download now over on the App Store as a premium release. PC players can instead grab it from Steam

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