Niantic has unveiled the latest addition to the ever-popular Pokemon GO. It's called Buddy Adventure and it will roll out to all the Go trainers out there by 2020.

The Buddy Adventure system is designed to make you feel a closer bond with one of your Pokemon. You'll kick things off by feeding them Berries to increase their Buddy Level to Good Buddy. From there you'll be able to see your pal on the map as you stroll about.

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You'll also be able to play with them and complete different activities together that will reward you with various bonuses. This will build up their affection towards you through simply walking with them, battling, snapping pics together or visiting new places.

This will increase their mood and once you've reached the highest affection level there is, which is excited, you'll earn the following bonuses:

  • The distance it takes for your buddy to find Candy will be cut in half.
  • The number of hearts earned per action will double.
  • Trainers can earn bonus hearts

There will be another set of levels to increase too, which is the aforementioned Buddy Level. This ranges from Good to Best and will provide players with Perks depending on the bond you've developed with your preferred Pocket Monster. This could be your buddy helping you out when you're trying to catch Pokemon or getting a CP boost in the midst of battle.

In future Niantic are also planning to add a Shared AR Experience mode where you'll be able to mingle with other trainers buddies. You'll be able to sync up with two other Go-ers to snap a group photo of your Poke pals.

Pokemon GO is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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