Skullgirls Mobile is due to receive its biggest update yet later this week. Its 4.0 update brings synchronous multiplayer and with it a variety of new ways to play.

It's been two years since Skullgirls Mobile first released, and over those two years it's been gradually improving - with an expanding roster, new modes and regular tweaks and updates. However - like many mobile fighting games - there's not actually been functional netcode allowing for players to play against each other. That changes this week (21st-25th of October) as Hidden Variable Studios are pushing live the latest update.

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Personally, I'm quite excited whenever we get a synchonous multiplayer fighting game. Not only is it rare for the bigger series within the genre to even make it over to mobile, but it is incredibly uncommon for a balanced fighter to actually feature the chance to beat on other players.

Perhaps even more refreshingly, Skullgirls Mobile's 4.0 update doesn't just bring a plain arcade mode. It includes Competitive Mode, which strips back abilitires and modifiers to create a balanced, entry level appropriate multiplayer. There's also the Free For All, which lets you use abilities and more as long as they meet the rotating requirements. Finishing off the trifecta is a private room option which allows you to invite people directly into a lobby and skip all the matchmaking.

Free for all is likely the most interesting of the modes, with the Skullgirls Mobile Twitter account describing it as: "The ultimate Fighting RPG! Use your Favorite fighters and their Signature Abilities within a rotating assortment of Team requirements to defeat your opponent." "Want to bring your own Fighters to the Skullgirls Mobile Versus Closed Beta? You can in FREE FOR ALL mode, where you will be matched up based on your Fighter Score! Use ANY Fighter in your collection, along with their Signature Abilities and Marquee Abilities!"

You can find Skullgirls Mobile on the App Store and Google Play. The update is live this week.

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