Gwent was a shockingly big hit with fans everywhere when it came bundled in with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - which is now available on Nintendo Switch, by the way! Such a big hit in fact, that CD Projekt RED couldn't help but print a bunch of Gwent cards to give away to purchasers of the physical version of The Witcher 3 DLC.

It's the kind of minigame that you can't get enough of, and public opinion of Gwent was so good that CD Projekt RED couldn't help themselves and decided to make Gwent its own game - though the Gwent we are getting our hands on now is very different to the Gwent you remember in The Witcher 3.

Yes, that's right, Gwent: The Witcher Card game is soon landing on mobile devices everywhere, and we're playing the open beta, and using our inside info to give you the tips you need before the game is even out.

You might already know how to play Gwent, but this game plays out a bit differently than what you'll remember in The Witcher 3, so it's worth brushing up on what is new…

The biggest number

This is still the main aim of the game: get a bigger total power number before the end of the round to win - when the round is over is down to whichever player is willing to give up the ghost before the timer ticks away.

Gwent is still played on multiple rows, but now it's two rows for each player instead of three, a melee row and a ranged row, which combines both the mid-range and long-range rows from the original iteration of the game.

Loading all of your units on to one row or the other can be dangerous, and there are now certain card effects and abilities that will have different effects depending on which row they are summoned - make sure to double-check this before placing anything.

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