GWENT’s winter update goes live tomorrow and adds new cards to each faction

GWENT’s winter update goes live tomorrow and adds new cards to each faction

CD PROJEKT RED is releasing a winter update for its popular card battler GWENT. Version 9.6 of GWENT will add 12 new cards to its already extensive collection, alongside new balance changes, quality of life improvements and bug fixes. The Season 3 GWENT World Masters tournament also concluded over the weekend theGWENT World Champion in the official Witcher Card Game esports series was crowned.

Alexander “TLG_Cyberz” Schmidt from Germany took the grand prize from the tournament. The final was held over the weekend, where eight top GWENT players worldwide battled it out for a part of the $71,000 USD prize pool for the glorious title of GWENT World Champion.

Ino the new update, a total of 12 cards will be added with two belonging to each faction. The new additions also include fan favourite cards like King Radovid V. The update goes live tomorrow, December 7th.

A new unit introduced to the Monster roster is the Archas Queen. She is an insectoid and the Archas Nest Deathwish allows her to spawn a base copy of the Consumed unit. Next is Regis, a vampire who can drain enemy units. Lots of monsters including Abaya, Brewess, Katakan, Zeal, Yaga, and more have received balance changes.

At the Skellige end of things, the two new units include Cerys and King Bran. Both are Human Warriors who have attained masteries in their own fields. A bunch of other units including Artis, Coral, and more have been rebalanced.

The Northern Realms introduces King Henselt and King Radovid V, Human Soldiers in strong leadership positions. Added to the Scoia'tael family is the Human Sharpshooter Milva and Dragon Commander Saskia. Nilfgaard adds the Human Aristocrats Ardal aep Dahy and Jan Calveit. Syndicate, the final faction receives the Human Firesworn Cyrus Engelkind Hemmelfart and Human Blindeyes King of Beggars as its new units.

You can take an in-depth look at this update on GWENT’s official website. Download GWENT: The Witcher Card Game now for free on the App Store and Google Play. The update goes live tomorrow.

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