Gwent’s annual winter event adds loads of festive events and rewards for players

Gwent’s annual winter event adds loads of festive events and rewards for players

A couple of weeks ago, CD Projekt Red released a winter update for their popular card battler Gwent. It saw the addition of 12 new cards, including King Henselt and King Radovid V. This came alongside new balance changes, quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Now, as we draw closer to winter, GWENT has also launched a Winter Event that will run until January 11th.

A new in-game currency called Pine Cones have been added and can only be earned during the Christmas event. It can be obtained in a number of ways like logging in regularly, finishing daily quests, and winning matches in Standard, Seasonal, and Draft modes. Through a dedicated page in the Rewards Book, these pine cones can be traded-in for cardbacks, avatars and borders, titles, and a leader and coin skin.

Players who own the Geralt Leader Skin will also have the opportunity to take on two special contracts during the winter event, which will provide numerous rewards, including an equippable Red Hat and Candy Sword trinkets for Geralt. Pairing the fearsome Witcher with his magnificent silver sword is also possible now. Netflix recently launched Season 2 of the highly popular The Witcher series and in celebration of this, CD Projekt Red is launching a sword for the Geralt Leader Skin, inspired by the show for a limited time. It will be available until January 13th.

The in-game store also has a new Christmassy look and Shupe the Troll is holding a massive sale that features the Midwinter and Frozen Bundle that comes packed with the Yule Board and lots of other Xmas items. Players can also obtain Geralt’s legendary neutral leader skin in the shop right now and deck him out with all the limited-time Christmas trinkets.

Celebrate holidays on Gwent: The Witcher Card Game by downloading it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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