If you want to play Call of Duty wherever you are at any time, then you need Call of Duty Mobile. It's an authentic, surprisingly good version of the frantic and popular shooter franchise. And now it's on mobile for us all to enjoy whenever and wherever.

In Call of Duty Mobile you'll find a surprisingly good selection of online multiplayer modes to play while shooting people down, in addition to a full 100-man battle royale. That's nothing to sneeze at for mobile fans, and it's something that many console players still haven't had the chance to try out yet.

Right here we are bringing to you the essential information you need in order to become a Call of Duty Mobile professional. We have amassed all of the game stats that you need, so you can master the weapons and wreak havoc upon your enemies. Rain down a death of bullets friends, for we have the guns you need.

In Call of Duty Mobile there's a whole bunch of guns to choose from, and we've listed first the primary weapons that come with special perks and effects, then the standard primary weapons, the secondary, and finally the lethal grenades. I mean, they kill people too, even if they are not technically guns.

Whether you're taking your combat online into the battle royale, or just into the standard multiplayer maps, you'll find some vicious competition out there. Which is why we have guides for you...

Now that's out of the way, just take a look below for all the weapons you can currently earn in Call of Duty Mobile.

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