Black Desert Mobile developers Pearl Abyss have announced that the mobile version of their popular MMORPG will be heading to iOS and Android later this year. They've not given a specific release date but the App Store listing states that it's expected on 12th December.

The developers say that the game will offer the same core combat and customisation that is currently available on PC, Xbox and PS4 versions of the game This is certainly ambitious and we gave our thoughts on how it was shaping up last year when the game launched in Korea.

Alongside having the same combat and customisation options you'll also be able to upgrade camps, complete challenges against bosses and engage in various PVP modes. So it sounds like a fully-featured MMO at this stage, though you might expect that seeing as it's been available in Korea for quite some time now.

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There are five classes to choose from when starting your adventure in Black Desert Mobile. These are Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch and Valkyrie, so there's undoubtedly something in there for you. I'd be leaning towards witch because I enjoy slinging the odd spell or two.

Black Desert Mobile will look to set itself apart from other MMOs the same way it's PC and console counterparts do which is through the combat. Unlike a lot of MMOs the combat in Black Desert Mobile is much more skill-focused and powers can be comboed together which gives each attack a greater feeling of impact, something I personally find a lot of MMOs lack.

Black Desert Mobile will be available on the App Store and Google Play, where you can currently pre-register. However, if you pre-register through their official site first, you'll qualify for various in-game rewards. The App Store listing says the game is expected on 12th December, so we can it expect sometime around then, though it may change as no official release date has been announced.

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