Mario Kart Tour is out of beta and you can play it right now on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. But, you don't want to just play it, you want to add your friends onto it - or bulk add people from our amazing list of friend codes - and you can't do that until you unlock ranking. So how do you unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour? Well, it's quite simple.

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The answer is simple, however you'll need to put a little bit of work in order to get to it. What you have to do is to reach the Koopa Troopa Cup. It's the first cup which is ranked, meaning that you are - by partaking in any of the races - entered into a week-long tournament against 19 others.

As soon as you've unlocked the Koopa Troopa Cup, even before you've played one of its races, you'll unlocked the Ranked option, which will also grant you the menu option of 'Friends'. It's in here that you'll find your friend code. 

So, how do you get to the Koopa Troopa Cup? It's the fifth cup in sequence, meaning that you'll need to beat the four before. Each of these cups are made up of three races and a challenge, you'll need to play through every one - that's mandatory - in order to unlock the next cup in sequence. This means that you'll need to beat 12 races and 3 challenges in order to unlock Ranked play and, as such, access to your Friend Code.

So, there you go. That's how you can grab your friend code. So, what to do now? Well, if you're looking for somewhere to share your friend code then we have an entire post for that, and rumour has it that multiplayer will be coming to Mario Kart Tour later this month, so now is the best time to start grabbing pals for future races.

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