Nintendo's latest foray into the mobile gaming world, Mario Kart Tour, is available now. Well, technically. You'll be able to download the game but depending on when you read this, server overload issues may mean you'll have to wait a little while before hopping in. Either way, it's available for download for iOS and Android.

It marks the first time the popular Kart racer has made an appearance on mobile and is the seventh Nintendo game in the last 3 years to see a mobile release – excluding the numerous Pokemon games that is. Of course, it's not a straight port of Mario Kart, it's been redesigned for touch controls.

There'll be no need to accelerate and brake in Mario Kart Tour, the controls are fairly simple. You simply slide your finger from left to right to steer and tap to use items. It's also possible to look behind if you slide down on the screen. So it's definitely a much more simplified version of the game in concept.

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To get new drivers the game will have a gacha style system where you'll shoot well-known characters from the Mario franchise and a few others out of pipes. There will of course also be various karts and gliders to unlock too so you'll have plenty of options to customise your racer with.

The game has launched with the New York Tour. These featured locations are set to change every fortnight, with Tokyo and Paris teased already. In that time you'll be able to complete various races and doing so will earn you rewards. For instance, this month if you earn yourself 43 stars through races you can earn yourself the Koopa Troopa driver as well as some in-game currency.

Mario Kart Tour is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It has been described as a free-to-start game so you can expect to hit a point where you'll need to pay. 

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