As discovered in the iOS 13 beta, Dead End Job is a twin-stick shooter where you play as a paranormal pest control worker. It's a great sounding premise, isn't it? It will be available on Apple Arcade as soon as it becomes available.

It's all excellent wordplay it seems in this game. As well as the titles double-meaning the pest control worker you'll play as is called Hector Plasm – you know, like ectoplasm? Anyway, you'll be tasked with shooting ghosts until you can suck them up with your vacuum pack.

The reason Hector's doing this job is that he's being haunted by his former mentor who is now training you up so you can save their soul before they're permanently stuck as a ghost. So you'll be clearing out restaurants, offices and other buildings so you can save your old pal.

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The gameplay itself will take the form of a twin-stick shooter. You'll be equipped with a plasma blaster for bringing the ghosts down and a vacuum to suck up their remains. Along the way, you'll also gather an array of supernatural items that will help in your spooky clean-up job.

The art style has apparently been inspired by the old cartoon Ren & Stimpy and I can certainly see the resemblance. If you've never seen Ren & Stimpy before, think cartoony and colourful with a dash of slightly unsettling and you've pretty much got it.

If you don't think Apple Arcade is for you but you'd still like to play Dead End Job then fear not. It will be heading to Nintendo Switch at some stage as well, so you'll be able to play it there.

Dead End Job will be available through Apple Arcade. You can grab a 1-month trial for the service to see if it's for you. For a list of all the games that will be available alongside Dead End Job, we've created a list for you.

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