Did you know you can get 6000 gems if you log in to Pokémon Masters right now? Amazing, I know. That's a big reward and will allow you to pull 20 new sync-pairs in the game. That'll set you up for a while and give a big bit of variety to the types of Pokémon you have available to you.

Now that you're back in the game, it's time to jump back into the swing of things and finish off all of those Main Story missions. And once you've done that… Things get tricky.

The grind through the co-op story missions is a challenging one, and all the while you'll see that there's a third co-op mission for each category that you can't access. First, you must complete Get Strong With Gear.

Once that mission is complete, it reveals a totally new gear mechanic. How does it work? How do you unlock the mission? Read on for what you need to know…

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Ah yes, the three gears

In order to unlock the Get Stronger With Gear mission, you must defeat Cheren on Hard in co-op. That's the final co-op Main Story mission that will be available to you at this point and by far the toughest fight.

You'll do well to grind in training mode to unlock the level cap for your team, and then get them up to that cap in order to take Cheren down. Of course, you can train against all of the other co-op missions too, if you haven't done so already.

Once you've done so, you'll have unlocked the Get Stronger With Gear battle in the training area. This mission will give you access to gears, and a whole bunch of other battles to take part in.

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