Devolver Digital really does know how to bring us the quality titles, don't they? They bring plenty of excellent games to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and the brilliant Witcheye is no different.

In Witcheye, you play as a witches' eye (bare with me on this one it's honestly real good) and you will swipe to navigate the eye around the game world. This is honestly a very unique take on the 2D side-scroller genre.

You will be bouncing about the stage like a ball in Breakout, defeating enemies from interesting angles, and even taking down some fearsome bosses, with the right strategy.

The game is primarily about being patient and being in the right place at the right time, and with some skill, you can come out of each stage with every gem and an excellent score, if you're good enough.

Read through our tips here and you'll come away with some professional-ish advice on how to navigate stages, collect gems and defeat those pesky enemies in this excellent side-scroller that feels custom built for touch screens. Well worth the buy-in price, and loads of fun too.

Rolling my eyes
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As mentioned, you play as an eye which bounces around stages like a Breakout ball, but that's not all you should be keeping in mind as you play.

The eye can of course be swiped in a variety of directions, but tapping the screen instead of swiping can also bring the eye to a complete halt, giving you time to think things through and consider the best course of action.

This is great, as many enemies will have movement patterns you need to learn, and if you're encountering them for the first time, well, you should take your time.

But it's not just enemies you should be aiming for, as you can break blocks in stages (like in Breakout!) and sometimes you'll find items inside, like the precious gems you search for, or even health so you can resupply before heading onward.