Garena Free Fire is the king of mobile game we like to see. Solid gameplay, plenty of options, and plenty of things for us to write tips for. Pretty perfect, in our opinion.

The latest game to hit the battle royale scene on mobile has quickly been attracting millions of downloads and thousands of dedicated fans, and it's easy to see why. If you've ever been even mildly competitive in a game before, it's likely that Free Fire's free and easy gameplay will grab you pretty quickly.

We already have some tips for winning that you can jump in to, but once you get a bit better at the game, what's next? Well my friends, it's advanced tips for winning. Obviously.

Right here you'll find some fresh tips on winning in Garena Free Fire, and how you can rack up plenty of kills and come home with that elusive chicken dinner. Bon appetite. Or something like that.

No time for losers

You need to come home with the win, and as we already know, the first thing you need to do is land, grab weapons, and then check nearby for anyone that landed near you. It's better to get the jump on them, than have them pick you off while you loot.

Yes, you want a backpack, a vest, a helmet, all of the essentials, but you don't need these for killing. Even a lone grenade is better than these items when you first land, surrounded by enemies.

Getting to the first place will require quick reflexes at the beginning of the game, but after the initial dust settles you can take things more slowly. Just ensure you stay inside of the safe zone, and hunt down any gunshots you hear, or those that are indicated on the map.

It will be pretty obvious, but please use the different stances, standing, crouching, and prone. Prone makes it harder to aim up, but crouching will make you much harder to hit, while still being fairly mobile.