Garena Free Fire cheats, tips - Essential tips to win

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Garena Free Fire cheats, tips - Essential tips to win

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This totally snuck up on me, personally. I was minding my own business, and then I hear that a mobile gaming tournament was racking up viewers on YouTube like it was Fortnite or Minecraft. I'm sorry, Garena Free Fire? Completely new to me, but apparently I am just the latest in a massive legion of fans.

But booting up Garena Free Fire felt much more familiar. If you've played the likes of Rules of Survival or PUBG, then you know what this is. This is the mobile battle royale formula, complete with a messy menu UI and a dozen different offers and rewards to buy in to.

If you've played any mobile battle royale before you should know what to expect, but here are a few differences you should adapt to ASAP in order to rack up the wins in Garena Free Fire.

The mobile battle royale

So what we have here is the formula that PUBG put in place on mobile, but executed ever so slightly differently, as always.

But as usual, the first thing you'll notice here is that you will be dropping somewhere on an island, scrounging for weapons and ammo, and then rushing in to rack up some kills. It seems the first few fights you jump in to will be loaded with bots, so you shouldn't have any issues in taking down some enemies.

The game gives you an on-screen icon to tap for an auto sprint, which is nice, and anything you find on the ground will be accessible on the right side of the screen. Other than that, you will find the screen littered with the usual on-screen control icons.

This game comes complete with vehicles, loads of guns, and of course, a frying pan for covering your ass. Stay inside the safe zone, and you're sure to win.

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Vehicle drops

Interestingly, Free Fire doesn't just drop loot and supplies on to the map, but vehicles themselves.

This can definitely help when chasing down the safe zone, but it's even better when running over enemies, which is all too easy when you're playing against bots.

Vehicles will give you a massive edge in this game, so if you see a big one dropping in, make sure to jump aboard.

The hunter

You can just play the game by hiding within the safe zone and taking things slow, but that's no fun.

Should you hear gunshots or see activity on a certain portion of the map, head on over, and get ready to rack up kills.

Even if you don't manage to catch the action, you can loot the remains of whomever was fighting, but the best case scenario is being able to find the last few players while they're still low on health.

Bless the map

Without the map, I would be totally lost, and it's not just because of the safe zone. But other players.

Any time you hear gunshots, or you are yourself getting shot and you aren't sure where from, consult the map, and you will be shown a red arrow.

That red arrow is the location of the enemy player, and the direction is where they are facing. This means that you might even be able to sneak up on them, assuming they're not shooting at you. This will save you many, many times.

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