The visual novel genre is one that’s gained a lot of popularity in recent years, servicing anyone who likes the idea of merging satisfying storytelling with a more interactive format. Often focusing on ideas you otherwise wouldn’t get to experience in regular mobile games, Arranged is a new marriage-themed visual novel that aims to push this even concept further – and it releases in September.

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Arranged sees you step into the shoes of Elif, a wide-eyed Turkish girl that returns home to her family after successfully graduating from college. It’s finally time for her to marry and become an honest women and it’s up to you to guide her in this process. The story is lovingly brought to life using a colourful art style, letting you make your own decisions by interacting with other characters.

The game aims to address the relatively tricky topic of traditional arranged marriages, hoping to better inform Western players about the trials of both consensual and non-consensual arranged marriages. Arranged does this by diverting its story at specific points depending on your decisions, featuring four different endings for you to seek out and find.

Arranged will guide you through its multiple narrative paths accordingly, taking you through the various different types of customs and traditions in Turkey. How will you as Elif approach the subject with your friends and family? Downloading the game on iOS or Android in September is the only way to find out.