Smartphones are expensive. Have you seen how much the iPhone 11 Pro costs? You're talking a £1,049 outlay, and you can add another £100 on top of that if you want to go super-sized and secure the Max model.

While the pricing of these elite-tier models has gotten a little out of hand, however, there's a class of mid-range phones that'll provide flagship-ish performance for half the price. But things have changed quite a bit of late.

In our last hardware update, a little under a year ago, the mid-range field was dominated by a couple of bargain Android phones packing the then-latest Snapdragon processor for around £400. Huawei and its Honor sub-brand were still viable picks, with a handful of phones that could still access the Google Play Store.

2020 looks very different. Huawei's latest flagships are off the agenda (for now), a global lockdown is decimating launch plans, and Apple has just shaken up the entire market with a £420 iPhone.

We've bumped up our price limit from £400 to £500 to reflect these shifts. If this is too rich for your blood, we'll be offering our updated pick of £250 gaming phones soon. Stay tuned.