PGA TOUR Golf Shootout sees you facing off against other players online to take them down and show them how you operate a club. Hell yeah.

You’ll be playing off against real players in addition to set challenges, and to beat down those people and complete those challenges, you should read these tips.

Here we’re going over how to use your clubs and aim your shots, which is of course incredibly important. It seems like a simple system at first, but there’s a decent amount of nuance at play that can really help you if you manage to adjust your play.

Follow our tips here, and you’ll soon be golfing like Tiger Woods, or whomever is on his level that hasn’t had an adultery scandal.

Know your clubs

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

This is a pretty smart game. I mean, the developers obviously know how golf clubs work. Better than me, at least. Which is nice, because that means each have specific advantages and disadvantages that you should take note of.

For most shots, the game will assign you the club in your bag that is best for the situation, and generally, you shouldn’t stray too far from the variety of clubs you start with.

A Wedge, a Driver and a Putter are all important tools for professional golfers, while Irons and Hybrids can be used for more specific situations.

You can of course assign your own clubs in your bag, which is recommended as you unlock a better variety, but take note of their benefits. Your starting clubs are good all-rounders, and other clubs tend to be more situational.

Check the stats of the clubs, including how far they can drive the ball, and how powerful their spin capabilities are. If you’re a more casual, straight shooter, then you might want to avoid those clubs which are better at giving your ball a spin.

Though, you should also feel confident about branching out a bit and using a bigger variety of clubs.