PGA TOUR Golf Shootout cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

Unlock the Clubhouse, Challenges and more

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PGA Tour has landed on Android and iOS, and it brings golfing glory to players wherever they are. And online too, against other players. It’s always so good to assert your dominance online.

PGA Tour offers quickfire golf rounds that you can play while waiting in a queue, and it’s loads of fun too. Right here, we offer you the essential tips you need in order to level up fast.

Levelling up in important in PGA Tour, as you need to do it to earn better golf clubs, and access challenges in addition to the Clubhouse.

Read on for everything you really need to know about levelling up in PGA Tour.

Why you need to level up, and why it’s hard

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

Levelling up is essential to progression in PGA Tour, especially when you first start. When you first boot up the game all you’ll get is your basic tutorial, but only when you get to level three will you unlock a Clubhouse, and much more.

Not only that, but the larger variety of clubs will be locked off to you until you level up. Damn, it can be frustrating having such a barebones game.

Once you get to level three things will open up much faster, which is why this guide is here. Obviously.

Levelling up should be obvious too, but in reality, it’s not that simple. You should just be able to play games online and get experience, right? Wrong. You’ll need to level up clubs in order to get experience.

This makes things awkward, as you’ll need to open card packs to earn the necessary cards to level up, and of course, card packs are on timers which prevent you from opening them quickly unless you pay up premium currency. Very cheeky.

This makes levelling up a bit more awkward than you would like, but with these tips you should be able to level up pretty quickly and efficiently.

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Better clubs

Okay, so you need better golf clubs, we’ve already mentioned that. To level them up you’ll need some silver coins, in addition to enough cards to level up the clubs.

You should of course level up clubs as often as possible to get more experience, and naturally, you’ll get access to even more cards and clubs as you level up.

This can make it tougher to get the cards you want, but it’ll all make you stronger in the end.

Open packs

Okay, so we need to open packs now. You can of course open packs by queueing them up and opening them one by one, but this is slow.

Make sure to grab your Clubhouse rewards whenever you can, and solve all of the challenges available to you. Some will give you card packs to open instantly instead of waiting around.

Don’t hesitate to use a bit of premium currency to speed up card pack openings early in the game. If you haven’t got access to challenges yet, it’s the best way to level up quickly. You can also speed up card pack opening times by watching ads.

Free rewards

On the store page you will find multiple rewards you can get for watching ads.

Yep, if the game isn’t pushing you towards premium currency, it’s adverts. But honestly, the rewards are worth it if you want to improve your equipment quickly.

I never want to recommend watching ads to players, but in this case, with the limited options available, you should be watching those ads every single day.

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