Scorcher impressed our Harry with its blistering speed, simple controls, and ridiculous gameplay that takes a while to get going, but really steps up its game when it gets there.

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Mark Abukoff - iPhone XS

I'm liking Scorcher. It’s like what bored teenagers on Tatooine do if they aren’t afraid of getting killed before they hit twenty.

Avoid the walls and the worms. Hit the sand sharks to speed up and repair. And beware Tusken Raiders (not really). Music is good, though I turned it and the sound off as it kind of took me away from the zen of jumping and dodging.

Seriously good looking game with easy, simple controls (no issues on my iPhone screen) and basic but good graphics. I’m not a fan of endless runners, but I liked this, as it appeals to podracer in me.

Doesn’t take too long or too many attempts to do well enough to unlock the next level. I can see myself going back to this one regularly, and I can happily recommend it.