Another one from the rumour mill today - Apple is reportedly considering launching a subscription service on the App Store, which would bundle a bunch of games together for one set monthly price.

As reported by Cheddar, this is coming from "five people familiar with the matter". Apple has also supposedly been in talks with developers to start acting as a publisher on its own store, helping it take even more control over its storefront.

Now, this actually makes a lot of sense. Android already has a service like this - Hatch, from Angry Birds studio Rovio, offers premium games for free with ads, or you can pay a subscription fee to remove said ads and just play the games.

And Amazon has done the same thing before a few years back with Amazon Underground, though that shut down not too long ago, probably because the developers weren't making much money from it, and also because no one plays games through the Amazon store. (Sorry, Amazon.)

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But let's consider this too: I've never heard of Cheddar before (Sorry, Cheddar). I don't know who these "five people" are. And it all sounds like the same kind of vague nonsense you'd hear from anywhere.

Like, of course Apple is probably exploring subscription-based services. It'd be daft not to, what with the rise of the Xbox Games Pass in the gaming sphere and Netflix etc. in the world of TV and films. This isn't really a surprising thing. I could've whispered this to a mate and they'd probably have believed me, because it just makes sense.

So take this one with a pinch of salt until Apple says something in public about it. But when you consider that free-to-play still dominates the App Store, and Apple probably makes more money from its cut of those profits than it ever does from premium games, I'd say this could very much go either way.