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Roman Valerio - iPad Air

I can honestly say that I wanted to like this new chapter in the Kingdom Rush franchise, but eventually failed to do so.

First of all, apart from some graphical improvement, I did not notice any evolution in the series or something that I haven't seen in their previous games. Once again we see here the same top-down perspective, comic-style cutscenes, all-too-familiar gameplay and... yes, you guessed it right - a myriad of in-app purchases.

I am fine with IAPs in a freemium game or a premium one that gets a major DLC, but when they try to forcibly shove them down your throat in a newly released paid title, it becomes a slap-in-the-face move.

Just imagine going to a posh restaurant in anticipation of a good time and a delicious meal, but once everything is served they tell you that silverware, condiments, and even napkins are sold separately, which immediately makes you feel dumbfounded, frustrated and duped.

If you want to play an excellent tower defense game, go get Jelly Defense instead. The kingdom is dead, just leave it be!