The new Hearthstone expansion, Rastakahn's Rumble, has been out for a couple of weeks now. Normally the meta would still be changing a lot at this point. But early signs are that the Rumble cards aren't very powerful compared to the base level. As a result, a lot of already solid decks are still solid.

There have been some important changes, though. So here's a quick rundown of where each class is at and a suggested deck for you to run.


As an already powerful class, you wouldn't expect to see Druid get a ton of help, and it's proved. The most popular new build works around attacks from your hero and features Gonk the Raptor.

But it's not proved as viable as hoped and existing decks still dominate. Control archetypes built around Malygos, Hadronox and Togwaggle are top. All play very differently, but if you want a guide check out ours for Malygos Druid.


Hunter is the biggest winner in this expansion, thanks mostly to a single card. The new hero Zul'jin re-casts every spell you've used in the game which is hugely powerful, although the card looks high mana enough to be balanced.

As you might expect, it's been an automatic inclusion in the spell-heavy Secret and Spell Hunter decks. They've otherwise changed little. It's a similar story with Deathrattle Hunter except, rather than Zul'jin, it's one new card is robot dinosaur Oondasta.


This class lost one of its most potent weapons, Mana Wyrm, to an unexpected nerf. Sadly, it's got nothing to replace it and things are not in a great place for Mage fans. It looked like they were going to get a new build based around massive hero power damage, but it's just not proved effective.

Instead, about the best deck to run for the class right now is Big Spell Mage. You can run the deck as it was prior to the expansion, although some now include the new legendary Jan'alai the Dragonhawk.

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