We've been thinking a lot recently about Blizzard's IP coming to mobile. That's because Blizzard is set to bring all of its IP to mobile. But there's one game that maybe hasn't been getting as much attention as the others - Heroes of the Storm. We think it's time to change that though.

Why do we think it's time to change that? Because we wouldn't be at all surprised if Heroes of the Storm is the next game on Blizzard's roster that's likely to make it to the App Store and Google Play Store. And why do we think that? Because it's pretty much the perfect shape to make the switch to mobile without too many difficulties.

Why will Heroes of the Storm be the next Blizzard mobile game?

Look at the App Store - it's already filled with a huge variety of different kinds of MOBAs. Now, Blizzard doesn't actually describe Heroes of the Storm as a MOBA, because it wants the game to be more accessible than the likes of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. And accessibility is something that mobile gaming has always done really well.

The game is already free to play, and it's already got a pretty impressive base of players. It does feel like the forgotten child of the Blizzard library, quietly wandering around without getting the recognition that it deserves. Coming to mobile could well change that.

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When it comes to AAA-style MOBA-esque games for mobile, the playing field is a lot less crazy than it is on PC. It feels like it might be the perfect fit for gaming on the go, and that the competition it's going to be up against is going to be a lot less competitive.

How likely is Heroes of the Storm coming out for mobile?

Obviously we've heard nothing from Blizzard yet, and the backlash that Diablo Immortal received might make the development giant change its mind about actually moving all of its IP over into the mobile space, but if things go smoothly from here on in we'd expect the game to come out sometime in the not-too-distant-future.

We imagine there'll be some sort of soft launch or beta period before a full release though, and that will happen well before the game actually makes it out. There are a lot of factors that might change moving forwards, but it's rare to see a game that's so perfect for mobile that hasn't made it there yet.

Whatever happens, it could well be an exciting few months for Heroes of the Storm fans, and we're going to be there with you every step of the way.