At the same time as Diablo Immortal was announced at Blizzcon, Blizzard also revealed that it's working on mobile versions of its other IP. Quite frankly that's some of the most exciting news we've heard in a long while. We imagine that you agree, which is why we've written up a bunch of features about the games that Blizzard might potentially be working on.

Obviously this all needs to be taken with a decent pinch of salt, but we've been in this business long enough to be reasonably confident with our predictions. And, as we hear more about the games - like whether they exist or not - we'll be updating all of these stories to ensure that you're the first to hear about any new developments. We're good like that.

We've included links to all of the features below. All you need to do is choose which is your favourite game, and go and find out more about it. If you've got questions about other Blizzard IP that might be getting worked on then feel free to ask them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Who knows, maybe the only IP Blizzard is actually planning on bringing to mobile is Lost Vikings. That'd still be pretty awesome though, so we're not too worried. Oh, and make sure you bookmark all of the pages you're interested in - it'd be awful if you missed out on some juicy gossip about Blizzard games for mobile because you weren't paying the correct amount of digital attention. Here come those links.