Obviously you've read the title otherwise you wouldn't be here and, yes friends, it's true - Party Hard is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 22nd for $14.99.

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Party Hard is a guilty pleasure game of mine, I admit. Most of you have had noisy neighbours - mine likes to run the washing machine at 3 AM - and if you don't know the lip-biting rage from being kept up at night, well, you're probably the noisy one. Sorry.

In the game, you play as a rather unhinged serial killer who's grown tired of the constant partying happening next door. So, you head on over there and have to murder each and every partygoer by any means necessary. While that sounds a bit grotesque, it's a bit like Death Coming in a way.

By that I mean it's not about the killing, it's about the strategy. You can't be seen otherwise the cops with come after you, so you need to isolate victims, sabotage stereo speakers, poison the drink, electrocute the dance floor, and keep an eye on your escape routes if things do go south.

Whilst you can already get the game on the go with its mobile versions, the Switch version includes the High Crimes DLC and two-player mode. Will it be worth replaying it with a pal watching your back? We'll just have to wait and see.