Resurrect Priest is a stepchild of the older Big Priest deck. The good news is that it's more effective. The bad news is that it's a lot more expensive, too.

However, in the current meta making a reliable Priest deck is proving difficult. This is one of the few variations that just about makes the cut.

Card Choice

  • 2 x Holy Smite
  • 2 x Mind Blast
  • 2 x Radiant Elemental
  • 2 x Shadow Visions
  • 1 x Shadow Word: Pain
  • 2 x Spirit Lash
  • 2 x Gilded Gargoyle
  • 1 x Shadow Word: Death
  • 2 x Eternal Servitude
  • 1 x Lyra the Sunshard
  • 2 x Shadow Essence
  • 2 x Lesser Diamond Spellstone
  • 1 x Prophet Velen
  • 2 x Psychic Scream
  • 1 x Obsidian Statue
  • 1 x Zerek's Cloning Gallery
  • 1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
  • 1 x Zilliax
  • 1 x The Lich King
  • 1 x Malygos

Deck code:

That's a lot of legendaries. And most of them are essential. Zerek's Cloning Gallery is the easiest to dispense with. By the time you're in a position to play it, it's often of limited use. Zilliax and Bloodmage Thalnos aren't strictly necessary but they are very useful. Expect your win rate to drop if you leave them out.

It has a lot of epic cards too, and most of them are just as important. Shadow Visions is the easiest to drop but, again. it's super useful.

In fact, it's another epic that's top of the replacement list. Vivid Nightmare is a handy addition to the deck structure if you've got any space.

If you need to budget then perhaps you shouldn't be playing this deck. But Power Word: Shield can fill space on the cheap if you need to. You can also double up on the existing Power Words in the deck, too.

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