When mechs first became a thing in Hearthstone, they were mostly used by Mage. Now that they're back in the Boomsday, they've spread across classes. But Paladin is one of the few that can still field a whole viable deck focussed on the tribe.

Mech Paladin looks and plays a little like the mid-range Paladin that was a staple of the very early days of the game. It sees the return of a number of classic cards that haven't seen common play in a while. So it's a neat nostalgia trip for experienced players.

Card Choice

  • 2 x Glow-Tron
  • 2 x Righteous Protector
  • 2 x Crystology
  • 1 x Equality
  • 2 x Hydrologist
  • 2 x Aldor Peacekeeper
  • 2 x Annoy-o-Module
  • 2 x Consecration
  • 1 x Truesilver Champion
  • 2 x Mechano-Egg
  • 1 x Sunkeeper Tarim
  • 1 x Kangor's Endless Army
  • 1 x Tirion Fordring
  • 2 x Skaterbot
  • 2 x Bronze Gatekeeper
  • 2 x Coppertail Imposter
  • 2 x Wargear
  • 1 x Zilliax

Deck code:

There are a lot of Legendaries here. None are critical, but each one you drop will also drop your win rate. In order of importance, they are: Sunkeeper Tarim, Zilliax, Tirion and Endless Army.

As a plus, the deck doesn't have any Epic cards. So if you don't have the full complement of Legendaries, there won't be too many spaces to make up.

The best addition is a second Truesilver Champion, seeing as it's one of the Paladin's best cards. Another Equality won't do any harm, either. Should you really need more cards, throw in some more 1-attack mechs like Upgradable Framebot or Faithful Lumi.

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