The upcoming update for Fortnite will bring us a new means of taking flight – colourful, full of helium gas, and liable to pop – why, it's balloons of course!

The in-game announcement came with the description 'inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to increase your altitude!' So I guess that means that they can be stacked to make them more effective.

Unsurprisingly, they'll function as a consumable item. You'll be able to hold up to six at once, but best not dally at the max build height for too long as they likely won't last long.

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Balloons are the latest in a long list of recent additions to Epic's mega-hit. It doesn't feel like long ago that jetpacks were the hot new thing, but who wants a stupid jetpack when you could instead dangle precariously from an easily popped rubber bag?

You can check out the full patch notes here. Most of the changes are pretty small, with bug fixes and rebalancing, so the big news is definitely those balloons. There's also a brief bit on the new Fortnitemares Challenges, which are sure to keep you busy for a while.

If by some miracle you haven't played Fortnite yet, I'd like to send you in the direction of the App Store, where the game is available for free. Oh, and don't forget that there's a pretty great Switch and Android version too.

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