When you're fresh to Hearthstone, the only cards you can rely on are the Basic set, most of which you get for nothing. To earn the rest, as we described in last week's guide, you'll need to play. And to do that you'll need a deck, but building one can be intimidating for a new player.

Luckily the Basic set hasn't changed since the early days of the game. So the best recipes for starter decks have barely changed too. We list one for each class below, all tried and tested. You'll see certain cards repeat over almost all of them. But nothing is set in stone so feel free to experiment with your own ideas too.

There's a code for each. Copy this, start the game and go into "my collection" and it should offer to build the deck for you. If you don't have all the cards, it'll offer suggestions for replacements too.

There are also some suggestions for classic cards you'll want to add to the deck when you get them. Try and replace a Basic card of roughly the same cost and type. Some - Knife Juggler, Leper Gnome and Argent Squire - are good in several decks, so keep a look out for them.