With Season 6 finally available and warm summer weather making way for chillier mornings, it makes sense that Fortnite's newest update should get a bit...frosty. You can check the full patch notes for v6.01 right here.

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Yep, as you've probably guessed (and as was leaked not too long ago) Fortnite's latest trap is a rather icy affair. The Chiller lets you freeze the feet of your enemies, or yourself, to slip and slide them off ramps and to help you make a swift getaway.

This is a common trap which stacks drops in stacks of three from pretty much everywhere - treasure chests, llamas, vending machines, you name it.

Playground-users, you'll also be thrilled to know that the mode has a few more options for you to mess about with, including starting health, time of day, and gravity.

This one is only a small(ish) update, but download the latest version on your phone or Nintendo Switch and have a go.