If you've played Life is Strange you'll know all about its fantastic story and believable characters. Well, now you can play its prequel, Before the Storm, on the App Store.

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Where the first games revolves around Max and Chloe's friendship, Before the Storm takes place before Max returned to Arcadia Bay. Chloe forms an unlikely friendship with the popular Rachel Amber (a name you might recognise from Life is Strange).

While you don't have the ability to rewind time, you still have choices to make and multiple endings to achieve. Chloe has an interesting 'Backtalk' ability which can either pay off or provoke the wrong person.

Though the game is marked as free-to-play, like Life is Strange it's only for a preview. If you want to play the full thing you'll need to pay for it.

Each episode will set you back £3.99/$3.99, or you can pick up episodes one-three in one go for £11.99/$11.99.