From the folks who brought us Radiation City comes another intriguing horror game, Escape from Chernobyl. If you're feeling itchy to play, there's not long to wait to dive in as the game launches on August 9th for iPhone and iPad.

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Escape from Chernobyl puts up an experience exactly as it states on the tin. While ambling about an accurately recreated Chernobyl, you switch between story-based and open world survival gameplay, and continues on from where Radiation City left off.

Fight through zombie-infested areas and navigate the many destructive sites to discover what has happened to Lauren - a mystery still not yet resolved.

Obviously Radiation City was a striking piece of game, but this is shaping up to be a rather attractive first person survival adventure. Though not particularly original (bar the recreation of Chernobyl), its use of light, dark, and sound will be what makes or breaks the game. That and performance.