Phantasy Star is one of those JRPG series that just keeps on cropping up, though very rarely in the West, and its new mobile outing might not shake that trend.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga, as it is known, sees you amassing a group of anime teens to go fight monsters in a sci-fi/fantasy environment, probably to save the world from some great evil.

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Based on the trailer, it'll feature turn-based battles, flashy special moves, and some good ol' lengthy cutscenes so you can find out too much backstory in the space of one conversation between two protagonists.

Sound good? Great! You can pre-register for the game right now – if you live in Japan. Everyone outside of the country can just cross their fingers and wait for news on a localisation.

Or, like, don't? To be honest it looks like a pretty standard RPG-lite, and there's already loads of those that are way better. Plus, it has that 2D animation style where everyone looks like their limbs are held together by split pins that get wiggled around to imitate attacking. You know what I mean?

Still, Phantasy Star fans can try to piece together some more info on the game's official website if they want to. Everyone else, we'll keep you posted on news of an international release.