This past weekend Pokemon trainers took to the streets of Chicago and Lincoln Park in the hunt for new pocket monsters in the constant struggle to catch em' all.

After the disastrous events of Pokémon Go Fest last year, Niantic seem to have learned from their mistakes and hosted a much more successful event this year. 21,000 attendees marched through a specially made course which featured more than 50 species of Pokemon.

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However, the celebrations are not limited to Lincoln Park - trainers all over the world can currently participate in Professor Willow's Global Challenge. Until July 23rd, you'll get double the candy for catching a Pokémon and eggs will take half the distance to hatch as well as some other extra bonuses.

There's really not a better time to redownload Pokemon Go than right now. The game has never been better now that you can add friends and receive daily rewards for logging in. But perhaps my enthusiasm is clouded by the fact I have a Pokéstop right outside my house…

In any case, it's worth downloading since the upcoming Switch game, Pokemon: Let’s Go, will have Pokemon Go compatibility. Until then you can enjoy the Global Challenge for a few more days.