Tencent's just backed a new mobile title and it's based on the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones - fans rejoice! The currently-named Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is being developed by Youzu and will hopefully do the series proud.

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Not too much is known about it at the moment. According to Abacus News, Winter is Coming will be a war strategy game in which players can trundle about, interacting with characters from different Houses across Westeros.

Since Youzu signed a deal with Warner Bros last year there shouldn't be any limitations regarding what can or can't be used. However, the show that airs in China is incredibly censored. A good chunk of the violence and all of the nudity has been stripped out, leaving a lot of folks wanting.

Granted, I could've done without watching you-know-who's skull being squashed like an over-ripe mango, but I'm not sure how this game will go.

With Tencent on board it should be good quality, but my hesitance sits in a couple of areas: censorship and monetisation. Especially monetisation. It'll likely be free to play, but since it's a war strategy game (and after PUBG Mobile just introduced its 'pay to get ahead'-style update), I really hope we won't have to worry about pay to win scenarios.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this one. Personally I reckon the best time to release the game would be just before Game of Throne's final season in 2019, but we'll keep you updated.