Indie developer Seenapsis announced A Long Way Down, their debut game, today. It’s a roguelite card-based RPG headed for Nintendo Switch that uses cards to help you shape your adventure.

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In A Long Way Down, the cards you choose determine the path you’ll take, whether it’s which dark and dreary path you’ll venture down next, or how you’ll approach the next boss battle, or even the moral consequences of your actions—will you play the part of a hero or a villain?

You’ll build a party of fellow adventurers to join you on your quest to explore vast dungeons in search of the evil mastermind’s lair, and with plenty of strategies to explore and armor to customize, the choices seem near endless.

A Long Way Down launches at the end of 2018. We’re interested to see how this card-based choice and morality system plays out in practice, so we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on this one. What are your thoughts?