Valve casually announced today that Steam Link and Steam Video will be available on iOS and Android, accessible via apps of the same names. Essentially, this means you’ll be able to play games from your PC's Steam library on your mobile device.

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Steam Link is a device that lets you stream PC games to your TV, allowing you to play your favorite video games from the comfort of your own home theater. Now you can do the same on your phone and tablet, giving you access to a huge collection of games you otherwise wouldn’t be able to play on mobile. The app will also support Steam Controller and MFI controllers. Steam Video, on the other hand, lets you watch videos in your Steam library via WiFi and LTE. This isn’t the first sign that Valve is getting serious about mobile gaming. Back in march, the company announced that it’s latest game, Artifact, will be coming to Android and iOS next year.

The Steam Link app is expected to launch the week of May 21, with Steam Video to follow later in the summer.