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Black Desert Mobile is almost ready for its big debut in native South Korea, with developers Pearl Abyss setting an official launch date for February 28. Earlier this month, the game had a brief beta test, and Black Desert Mobile has already seen 4 million people pre-register. Black Desert Online has been noted for its unique action RPG combat that lightly mimics fighting games. Other than that, Black Desert features your usual MMORPG trappings—fishing, crafting, the works, though it does change things up with some true-to-life features. If you’re into farming, for example, you can tame and capture wild horses to sell on the market. Pearl Abyss hopes to faithfully translate the game’s combat and layered systems to mobile while accommodating the platform’s need for simplified controls.

Black Desert Mobile certainly isn’t the first eastern MMO to break out on the western market, but it has potential for success, especially if the game’s rich content and mechanics make an appearance in this mobile rendering of the game. Black Desert Mobile will be competing with the likes of Lineage II Revolution, which launched in late 2017, and dinosaur MMO Durango: Wild Land, which is set to launch in the west sometime this year as well. Do you think Black Desert Mobile will have a fighting chance?

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