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No, your language settings aren't messed up; Cinco Paus is definitely meant to be in Portuguese. It's another weird and challenging roguelike from Michael Brough, available now on iOS

Cinco Paus plays like a hybrid of Imbroglio and his older game Zaga-33. Like Imbroglio, you must traverse small claustrophobic maps of walls and barriers and oddly-drawn enemies. And like Zaga-33, your loadout is randomized every playthrough; five wands at the top of the screen are imbued with unknown random abilities, for you to discover through usage.

High scores are your reason to survive, forcing you to uncover each wands' abilities and then strategically use them to reach score-increasing collectables and then the exit. Wands can teleport you across rooms, unleash blasts that bounce off corners, instantly kill specific enemy types, among many other skills.

Cinco Paus is available for £4.99 / $4.99 on the App Store.