Alright, alright, so anyone who's been following our podcast (Pocket Gamer Podcast, every Friday) or our reviews will know that I'm a huge Telltale Games fan, and they've just dropped some BIG news.

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Firstly Batman's getting a second season. This time it looks like The Riddler's going to be taking centre stage as the iconic villain's icon flashes up on the screen in the teaser. We'll apparently be seeing other villains emerge, including our pre-Joker John Doe, and we don't have long to wait. Episode one arrives on August 8th on console and PC, with the iOS/Android version releasing a little later.

After that, we get a rather emotional exploration of The Walking Dead as Telltale prepares for its final season - literally. Yes, we'll be playing as Clementine. Yes, it's THE final season. No, I don't know what's going to go down, but I'm both excited and dreading it when it arrives in 2018.

Finally, the news we've been waiting for. The Wolf Among Us is getting a second season. However, the only information we've got so far is that we'll have "a new story, a new mystery, and a new set of stakes". Oh, and that it'll be coming in 2018.